Automated billing software is the most efficient way to manage your company’s invoices. It can help improve efficiency at the workspace and make it easier for clients to pay their bills on time.

Allowing your staff more time to focus on other aspects of the business.

Setting up automated billing software:

Not all billing softwares are created equal.

  1. Make sure it integrates well with your accounting practices
  2. Migrate customer data for automation.
  3. Setup End-to-end notifications (with customers/clients)
  4. Customize Invoices for better processing.
  5. Keep regular checks in place.

Advantages of Automated Billing

Research shows that automated billing software can save companies

  • up to 90% of the time.
  • possibility to recover more Revenue with fewer errors.

Automated billing also offers a higher return on investment than manual invoice processing.

Is Automated Billing Safe?

For years, Paypal and Amazon Webservices had handled various aspects of remote processing. Similarly, ADP handles payroll for thousands of businesses. And a breach can be harmful to them.

An error or scam in the worst-case scenario would make headlines. Rather than putting in your trust in the hands of your employees or clients, it gets back control in your own playground.

You get a chance to review everything on the move, keeping a fair check and balance scenario in place.

Objectives of Automated Billing Software

The creation and transmission of invoices, as well as the tracking and processing of payments, are all done automatically.

The solution is especially beneficial for companies with a large and diverse client base, a diverse range of products/services offered, and subscription or retainer billing models.

The automated billing system incorporates payment gateways, accounting software, ERP, and CRM. A custom automated billing system could take up to ten months to implement.

The average cost of developing an automated billing system ranges from $120,000 to $400,000, depending on the solution’s complexity.

Generate Invoices Based on the Due Dates

Invoice generation is based on the due date of the invoice, not when you created it. Automated billing software can be set to automatically generate invoices based on when they’re due.


The benefits of automated billing software are beyond the equilibrium of yes or no. Bottom line, consider investing in automated billing software and save yourself some regret. As things proceed at a later stage when you have accelerated growth, there will be no time to wonder where things have gone wrong.