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Demo Videos

Demonstration videos of platform features and use-cases

Use Cases

Rule-based mapping

Rule-bases mapping feature allows you to record different line items and assign them to corresponding accounts.

01 min : 34 sec

Plug & play use-cases

A collection of pre-developed processes designed to recognize and process common document types.

01 min : 14 sec

Annotation tool

Annotation tool allows business user to easily annotate and label data in any documents, enabling to accurately extract key information.

01 min : 07 sec

Missing data alert

This feature enables the platform to automatically send email requests for missing data to clients.

01 min : 41 sec

ML models suite

A variety of machine learning models to address diverse customer needs.

03 min : 49 sec

Many-to-one document

Our IDP solution enables the consolidation of multiple documents into a single data entry.

01 min : 17 sec

Plug & play integration

Our integration capabilities provide a seamless connection between Graip.AI and your existing business software.

02 min : 02 sec

Smart workflow builder

This dynamic workflow construction process with a user-friendly interface and drag-and-drop functionality allows you intuitively capture and extract data, specify where it should be placed, and what actions should be made with it.

02 min : 38 sec