The only real self-learning AI intelligent document processing model on Earth

Understand your data with our AI platform. Template free. Tailored to your processes and fully customizable.

Company Introduction

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Recognise all your data

100% of your data is recognized


Understand 5x more data than your competitor

Make decisions based on 100% of your data, not 20%

100% Recognition Rate

Template independent, 140 languages recognize, Structured documents, Unstructured data, Handwritten text

375x faster than human

Process your data fast

Works via API with any business application, Increased employee satisfaction, No human errors

We have everything that leading IDP solutions have and more

No-code platform

Pre-trained document library

24/7 customer support


Document capture

Any Documents

Structured, Semi-Structured, Unstructured

Any Format

PDF, XLS, TXT, CSV, DOC, PNG, CAD, 1010101 and others

Any Way

Uploaded File, Received by Mail, Captured via API


Intelligent Processing


Capture, Classification


Extraction, Validation, Enrichment


Verification, Integration, Insights


Data Activation

API Friendly

With API-first approach powers your apps with document recognition capability

File Creation creates files in any business formats and technical documents like JSON or XML

Business Systems

ERP, CRM, CPQ, Variant Configuration, Logistics, Procurement, other systems

ROI calculator

Documents per mon .

Processing price per doc .


Processing time per doc .


"By leveraging Graip.AI's solution, we now efficiently identify regulatory requirements and potential risks through document analysis, achieving an impressive 95% accuracy rate."

Andrei Ciorescu
Site Engineer