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Automated onboarding of customer, vendor, student or patient

Automatically collect required data from different documents required for successful onboarding and generate a single file with necessary information; or push the data to your business software.

acceleration* in the customer onboarding process  
Graip.AI features an integrated onboarding workflow that consolidates all relevant information into one entity, enabling quick and informed decision-making based on efficiently extracted data.
For onboarding new vendors, patients, students, or clients (e.g., in fintech), Graip.AI automates the classification and categorization of submitted documents and additional information from emails. The system identifies and requests missing mandatory data, streamlining the process and eliminating the need for back-and-forth emails. After processing this data is efficiently integrated into your CRM or business software, enhancing data management. Alternatively, it can be extracted into a single file with a predefined template for manual processing.

Graip.AI offers a comprehensive solution for automated onboarding:

Efficient Data Collection
Graip.AI automatically collects required data from various onboarding documents, eliminating the need for manual entry.
Document Verification
Graip.AI verifies the authenticity and accuracy of submitted documents, alerting about missing data.
High-Volume Processing
Graip.AI efficiently handles large volumes of onboarding documents with less than 0.8 second per 1 page processing.
Unstructured Data Mastery
Graip.AI processes unstructured data from onboarding documents, even handwritten text (e.g. from Patient forms).
Proactive Data Tracking
Graip.AI identifies and requests missing mandatory data, reducing the need for follow-up emails.
Multi-Language Capability
Graip.AI processes onboarding documents in 141 languages.
Optimized Data Storage and Retrieval
Graip.AI stores and retrieves data from onboarding documents efficiently, integrating the data into your CRM or business software for enhanced management.
Error-Free Processing
Graip.AI reduces errors in onboarding documents to 0.
Customizable Onboarding Workflows
Graip.AI features customizable onboarding workflows that can be easily created by user using our Smart Workflow drag-n-drop feature, without any IT involvement.

Implementation Plan

Document Analysis

Thorough analysis of the documents required for successful onboarding.


Configure the recognition and export settings to meet specific requirements.

Model Training

Train and, if necessary, re-train the models to ensure accuracy and efficiency.

API Integration

Establish API integration for importing and exporting data to and from third-party systems, as needed.

Testing and Quality Assurance

Perform comprehensive testing and bug fixing to ensure seamless functionality.

Automated onboarding process


We prioritize the security and integrity of your data

We take pride in maintaining a secure environment that empowers you to utilize our technology with confidence, enabling you to focus on your core business objectives. Your data security is our top priority.

ISO 27001: Information Security Management System

ISO 27001: Information Security Management System

We ensure that your data remains confidential, available, and protected against unauthorized access.

ISO 9001: Quality Management System

ISO 9001: Quality Management System

This certification showcases our dedication to delivering consistent and exceptional quality in our solutions and services.

ISO 22301: Business Continuity Management System

ISO 22301: Business Continuity Management System

The certification signifies our proactive approach to ensuring the continuity of our services, even during challenging times.

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24/7 Customer support

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