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Integrate data from various sources, documents and systems across your organization, enabling efficient data management


How Graip.AI can solve industry challenges

01. Streamlined Data Integration

Graip.AI enables seamless integration of data from various sources, documents, and systems across your organization. This simplifies data management, improves data accessibility, and enhances data-driven decision-making for the IT department.

02. Automated Document Processing

Graip.AI automates document processing tasks for the IT department, such as data extraction, validation, and routing. This reduces manual effort, improves accuracy, and accelerates document workflows.

03. Enhanced Data Governance

Graip.AI supports robust data governance by automating data extraction and validation processes. This ensures data consistency, eliminates data discrepancies, and enhances data quality for IT operations.

04. Efficient Workflow Automation

Graip.AI facilitates workflow automation for IT processes by automatically routing documents and triggering actions based on predefined rules.

05. Accelerated Data Analysis

Graip.AI's AI-driven automation capabilities enable faster data analysis by extracting relevant information from documents and systems. This speeds up data processing, supports timely decision-making, and enhances IT performance.

06. Improved Data Security

Graip.AI ensures data security by employing advanced encryption and access controls. This protects sensitive data, mitigates the risk of unauthorized access, and strengthens data security for the IT department.

07. Enhanced Collaboration

Graip.AI enables seamless collaboration within the IT department and across teams by automating document sharing, approvals, and version control. This fosters efficient collaboration, improves communication, and enhances overall teamwork.

08. Optimized Data Management

Graip.AI's intelligent automation optimizes data management by extracting and organizing data from documents, systems, and sources. This improves data accuracy, simplifies data retrieval, and enhances data management practices within the IT department.

09. Real-Time Data Insights

Graip.AI's integration capabilities provide real-time data insights by aggregating data from various sources. This enables IT professionals to gain a holistic view of data, detect patterns, and uncover valuable insights for informed decision-making.

10. Cost and Time Savings

Graip.AI's automation capabilities save time and reduce costs in IT operations by eliminating manual data entry and streamlining document processing. This allows IT professionals to focus on strategic initiatives, innovation, and driving digital transformation within the organization.

First 100 processed documents FREE right now

First 100 processed documents FREE right now


Document capture

Any Documents

Structured, Semi-Structured, Unstructured

Any Format

PDF, XLS, TXT, CSV, DOC, PNG, CAD, 1010101 and others

Any Way

Uploaded File, Received by Mail, Captured via API


Intelligent Processing


Capture, Classification


Extraction, Validation, Enrichment


Verification, Integration, Insights


Data Activation

API Friendly

With API-first approach Graip.AI powers your apps with document recognition capability

File Creation

Graip.AI creates files in any business formats and technical documents like JSON or XML

Business Systems

ERP, CRM, CPQ, Variant Configuration, Logistics, Procurement, other systems

We care about your data

We are committed to following a high quality and consistent security management system. It is our highest priority to protect all types of information and data provided by our clients.

We deliver

We keep promises of our sales team. We deliver performance they say we do.

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Key Features

Document Capturing

Processing Documents


01. Annotation tool

Annotation tool allows business user to easily annotate and label data in any documents, enabling to accurately extract key information. Without IT involvement, business user identifies and highlights specific data points (such as names, dates, addresses, or product information) directly in platform interface, our model learns key-value pairs and adds them to the dataset. Our solution learns from made annotations, continually improving its accuracy over time.

02. Languages

Multi language module supports recognition and data extraction in 141 languages, enabling accurate and comprehensive multilingual analysis. Module ensures precise data extraction across various linguistic contexts, enhancing the accuracy and depth of insights.

03. Documents library

A comprehensive library of over 140 document templates, covering a wide range of forms used in various lines of business. Simplify document creation and streamline your workflows with our diverse collection of ready-to-use templates with no need from you to upload your documents and learn model to recognize the data. Industry/department specific documents. (red remove)

04. Use-cases pre-packed

Our platform offers a collection of pre-developed processes designed to recognize and process common document types (e.g. sales orders, invoices, product configurations, onboarding documents, transportation documents). With built-in document recognition algorithms and automated data extraction capabilities, you simplify your operations. Ready-to-use workflow use cases save time in model training and document quantity needed for machine learning process.

05. Email body recognition LLM

Extract and process data from email body texts using our language models (LLM). Our platform intelligently recognizes and extracts relevant information from incoming emails, allowing you to automate data retrieval and integration into your business software applications. Capture important details, populating forms, or creating new documents, our email body text recognition feature transforms unstructured email content into actionable data.

06. Workflow constructor

Design and customize workflows effortlessly. With a user-friendly interface and drag-and-drop functionality, you can intuitively capture and extract data, specify where it should be placed, and what actions should be made. This dynamic workflow construction process simplifies the configuration of data capture and extraction. Create customized processes tailored to your unique business needs.

"Utilizing Graip.AI has been instrumental in our transition towards the smart factory model and the broader Industry 4.0."

Eleanor Lim
Digital Transformation Lead

We understand each company is unique

Graip.AI is designed to learn from your specific documents, allowing it to quickly and accurately process your industry specific documents. Our technology can recognize key data points (such as customer names, addresses, product codes and any other information specific to your company), and can seamlessly integrate with your existing workflow and ERP/CRM systems to reduce manual labor and eliminate the potential for human error. Our intelligent document processing AI can be customized to meet your industry-specific needs. We pride ourselves on providing personalized service to each of our clients. Our team of experts will work closely with you to understand your specific needs and tailor our technology to meet them. You can trust that our AI will deliver consistent, accurate results, freeing up your team to focus on other important aspects of your logistics business.


We will increase the recognition rate of your existing RPA solution to 100% by connecting our AI platform to it via API.