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AI workshop and digital transformation roadmap for AI executives

of organizations are considering investment in AI-powered software
- Gartner report “2024 Global Software buying trends”

AI advisory services

Adopting technologies like AI is a necessity for survival and growth
Our suite of services is crafted to guide businesses through every stage of AI integration and optimisation, ensuring that AI's transformative power is used to its fullest potential. From initial process discovery workshops to detailed automation roadmaps and comprehensive report preparations, our offerings are tailored to meet the unique needs of each client.

AI workshop methodology

AI and IDP technologies, trends, and best practices. Analysis of AI and IDP capabilities across industries. Identification of challenges and opportunities for Automation.
Gap analysis for enhancing document processing with AI. Analysis of customer document-intensive processes to identify potential IDP use cases.
Strategic plan, solution design and implementation estimate. Detailed use case development for identified processes. ROI-focused analysis of selected processes.
Prioritized roadmap for implementing IDP use cases based on ROI and business process improvement potential. Metrics and KPIs for project implementation. Guide for scaling and evolving AI-IDP strategies.
Industry use-cases
Process use-cases
Quote Management
Quote Management
Specifications parsing, RFQ recognition, upsell recommendation, dynamic pricing, dynamic product configuration, quote approvals, and proposal creation are crucial aspects of quote management processes.
Payments & Invoicing
Payments & Invoicing
Debit/credit notes, receipts and bank statements recognition, tax documentation automation, and invoice management and splitting are essential processes in payments and invoicing workflows.
Document flows
Document flows
Email texts extraction and classification, sales reports parsing, claims processing, AI forecasts for products, services, and resources, and legal contracts data extraction are vital for managing document flows within organizations.
Lead management
Lead management
Acquisition, lead scoring, routing, and qualification processes are essential for effective lead management in businesses.
Account management
Account management
Customer onboarding, segmentation, and feedback analysis are key components of efficient account management strategies.
Sales order management
Sales order management
PO processing, SO confirmation processing, automated workflows, and order tracking are integral to effective sales order management in organizations.
Opportunity management
Opportunity management
Probability predictions, competition pricing and product analysis, and tender’s documents data extraction are vital for opportunity management in businesses.
Supplier management
Supplier management
Onboarding, automated selection process, and performance management are key components of efficient supplier management strategies.

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