Free trial of Intelligent Document Processing: 100 documents per 1 month

Free trial of Intelligent Document Processing by the Graip.AI platform provides all clients automated end-to-end processing of up to 100 documents per 1 month till the end of the 2022 year.

The Graip.AI platform uses Artificial Intelligence to recognize documents, process data, and transmit it to target fields or systems like SAP, Microsoft Dynamics 365, and Salesforce. The platform gives different size enterprises, including small and medium, an important variety of operational possibilities:

  • Invoice recognition (different languages and types).
  • Receipts recognition (even in bad quality).
  • Passports and personal IDs recognition.

Benefits of Graip.AI platform

As a result, the Graip.AI platform brings competitive advantages to its clients:

  • Increases performance for critical business tasks.
  • Reduces data processing costs.
  • Cuts the number of repetitive tasks.
  • Reduces human errors and improves work accuracy.
  • Increases employee productivity.
  • Performs tasks during non-business hours.

Graip.AI platform: How it works?

The Graip.AI platform works in 4 simple steps and is highly scalable:

  1. Receives documents.
  2. Classifies documents.
  3. AI document understanding process.
  4. Exports data to popular systems.

You can create an automated end-to-end processing flow instead of manually performing repetitive enterprise tasks. ROI is tangible in the first weeks of use.

The Graip.AI company has been leading in the CRM, CPQ, and billing space for many years. We accumulate essential knowledge about systems that help our customers to increase productivity and automate front- and back-office processes.